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About Kavi-Sammelan

Dear poetry lovers,

Kavi Sammelan has been an established industry for ‘Event Organizing’. This industry has always maintained itself with the trending changes since years. Kavi Sammelan events are being organized al l around the Globe. Dubai, United States and United Kingdom are the countries other than India where Kavi Sammelan is being organized at mass. It is being trend in the Elite class programs, colleges, corporate parties and festivals.

The most famous Indian Poet celebrities for Kavi Sammelan are Surendra Sharma, Ashok Chakradhar, Hariom Pawar, Pratap Fauzdar and Gajender Solanki etc. It is great to have an event with original contents which you haven’t heard before.

Benefits of organizing a kavi sammelan:

You get to hear the newly made content and get a decent level of entertainment. These events are not only famous in Elite Class but also in Colleges and Regional Festivals. You will be amazed to see the crowd during festivals gathered to be a part of the organized events.
When you call a comedian, singer or band for event, you get any one flavor for you event that too on a very high budget. By spending same amount you can invite a team of poets who can entertain you with humor, romantic songs, ghazals and many more.
Kavi Sammelan Events attract the mass as it has been a part of Indians since decades, so it is considered as a part of marketing by the Companies to create awareness about their products and services.
College Events reach a success with decency with these types of event. We have many examples on Youtube where poets have created a great environment in College Fests.

How to organize a hasya kavi sammelan?

To organize a kavi sammelan we should first understand what we need to do. Other than a handsome budget for the team it is required to provide them convenience from from the airport or railway station to the venue and ne a good host for the stay by providing them rooms and other amenities. Poets are the highly knowledgeable community of our country and they deserve great welcome on stage. Each team is sent with a poet as program convener who directly communicates with the event organizers. You just need to welcome the team and handover the stage to the poets rest they are excellent to take make it successful.

We at Poets of India have range of poets with us for every typeof parties events and fests. You just need to reach us by filling the inquiry form or by mailing us at info@poetsofindia.com or you can Direclty call us: 8920530757.

Thank you,
Poets Of India Team.

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